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The SOCKIT Now Featured on As Seen on TV!

“As a parent, watching your child fail to kick soccer balls for years is tough to watch,” says Joe Briganti, founder of SOCKIT. And he’s not the only one who feels that way. Parents and coaches the world over feel the frustration of watching players struggle not to kick the ball with their toes. And as kids struggle to kick correctly, they get discouraged.

Here at SOCKIT, we’re thrilled to have found a solution to this worldwide problem, and we want to spread the word! We are now featured on As Seen on TV, and the clips perfectly showcase how fun soccer can be for both parents and players. The SOCKIT’s bright lights give kids instant feedback on their kick, so they can improve their technique without missing a beat.

Our goal at SOCKIT is to spread fun and learning throughout the worldwide soccer community, including to our friends at St Jude Children's Research Hospital. We have the wonderful opportunity to donate a portion of our proceeds and SOCKITs themselves to young patients at St Jude, and our goal is to help them feel joy during a difficult time of life.

“St Jude has always been near and dear to my heart,” says Briganti. “Everything we do with SOCKIT is so we can give back.”

SOCKIT is about more than just correct technique: it’s about the joy that comes from perfecting a skill—and having fun along the way!

Share our As Seen on TV video with your friends! Be part of the movement to kick soccer-love into gear from Day 1.



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