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SockIt Featured in San Clemente Times

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The SockIt

The SockIt, invented by San Clemente father Joe Briganti, said he hopes his product will help children and novice soccer players with their techniques. Photo: Courtesy of Joe Briganti


San Clemente Times

The SockIt, a company that produces a wearable device that teaches young soccer players proper kicking technique, recently partnered with Kevin Harrington of the television shows Shark Tank, Toy Box and Million Dollar Inventor. Harrington, the founder of As Seen on TV, will help The SockIt company introduce their product to young soccer players and their parents.

“The SockIt was born in the 2012–2013 soccer season when San Clemente resident Joe Briganti’s daughters, Natalia, 6, and Briana, 5, started to play club soccer. Like many young players, Briganti’s daughters and the other kids on the team kicked the ball with their toes,” a press release stated. “The coach would stop practice and show them how to kick their shoe laces, toe pointed down. But the kids would inevitably continue ‘toe poking.’”

Briganti came up with the device to help children kick more accurately and with better form. It lights up when the ball is struck properly.

“As a parent, watching your child fail to kick soccer balls for years is tough to watch,” Briganti said.

A portion of all proceeds from The SockIts purchased are donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital for cancer research.

Originally published on San Clemente Times.


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